Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A quick week

This week just flew right on by and I don't even know where the time is going!
At district meeting this last Tuesday we talked a lot about revelation through prayer. It's been on my mind a lot this week. I've been focusing on making my prayers more meaningful and actually thinking about them and remembering what prayer is, rather than just doing it quickly out of habit or routine. It really has made a difference. I keep a journal by my bed so at night after my nightly prayers, I just write down whatever comes to mind and it's been so cool to see the blessings come as I've acted on those promptings I wrote down each night. I love Moroni 7:48, prayer does require effort but if we do our part Heavenly Father is always willing to do His too. 

 We had a split this week and Sister Busby came to our area with me and we had a little bit of time before it was time to head home that night so I felt like going by a referral, Tammie who we've hadn't been able to get in contact with. We've gone by SO many times but we never felt right about dropping her and that night we said a prayer and just before we knocked I told her, "I have a feeling she's going to be home." and Sister Busby is like, "split miracles! They're my favorite." And guess who opens the door, Tammie! And she was SO sweet. We showed her the initiative and invited her to be baptized and she said she would bring her daughter to church this week! 
 We were able to go to the UN on Thursday because the new general relief society President, Sister Bingham was going to be on a panel for a Focus on faith briefing. I didn't really know what it was all about but it was very interesting and they talked about refugees. And super cool that were able to go! 

 The weather has been so so nice so we have been eating lunch at Central Park and it's the best! We were able to do service for a few families from the ward this week and I love it!
 On Sunday we were doing an APF in central park. We stopped people and asked them what makes them happy and had them write it with sidewalk chalk. Getting to talk to people from everywhere is so awesome. One lady stopped and come to find out she is a refugee so that was cool because we had just been to a thing all about refugees!

I feel like this email is making zero sense so sorry but here's some pictures so ignore all of my confusing writing.

Thanks for all your sweet emails, love you!!

xoxo Sister Walecki

Last pday we went to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was PACKED but the skyline is pretty!
Brooklyn Bridge
Last pday we were wandering and found this cute cupcake/ice cream shop!
They had a cupcake ATM too, so that was pretty cool.
On our split we took a member's garbage out but couldn't find a place to throw it for a sec...
until the fruit stand man told us where it went. Hahaha
They have these cute Italian Ice stands on the streets now that it's nice out so that was a fun treat.
At the UN
Outside the UN
There are pretty flowers ALL over the city and I loooove them.  They are
constantly distracting me.


Last week we were just walking downtown and found the hope sign.

We went to the public library on 5th Ave. again last pday.

Inside the library

Right when you walk out the doors of the library.

Just an awesome quote from Elder Bednar

We walked on to an elevator and found the fanciest one yet.  It even highlighted the floor
your going to! We're used to the projects so this was a fun surprise.

I went on a split to the East side with Sister Rubacalva. It was so fun! Plus she has an
Australian accent so everyone loves talking to us. hahaha

Zone meeting....our zone is HUGE now

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happy Easter!

 Since conference I have been reading and memorizing The Living Christ I remember attempting to do this when I was in young women's but it didn't really happen. But as I have been trying again, it has been so cool to see how much of an impact it has made on my days. Studying it each morning and then always having the Savior on my mind throughout the day has helped me be able to refocus on things that are actually important. I love the promise from Elder Ballard's last talk, "Prayerfully reading “The Living Christ” is like reading the testimonies of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the prophets of the Book of Mormon. It will increase your faith in the Savior and help you stay focused on Him as you follow your plans to reach your eternal goals." I have loved finding out how true that is!

 This week we have been working a lot with our members. Our investigators aren't really progressing and Erika had to work a lot this week so its been hard to be able to meet with her. But we have been trying to get to know all the of the members better. We have a goal to have a face with every name on the ward list. And it is amazing! The members are all so good to us and so happy to help with and do missionary work!

 We have showed the new Prince of Peace initiative with a lot of the families and it has been so awesome to see how that video impacts each person so differently. And even though we have see the video so many times, each time we watch it I always get something new from it. (you can watch it on I love the peace the Savior provides in our lives. And the knowledge we have of our purpose here on earth. It helps get through hard days and remember where we are headed! I'm grateful for Easter and the time it gives us to remember on our Saviors atonement and everything he has done for us.

 I hope you all have a great Easter & I love you!

xoxo Sister Walecki

Central Park last pday
Rice, seaweed, and bacon for dinner.  hahah it was like bacon sushi!
I got a bite on my arm, zero idea what it's from though :(
Sister Lee & I
The ceiling kinda fell in the church.
Biking in Central Park last pday
Some of the sisters from zone conference

General Conferene

General conference this weekend was AMAZING and I think even better as a
missionary! I loved Saturday afternoon I felt like they talked a lot about how we can't be of the world. We have to stand out, neutrality isn't an option anymore. You're either on one side or the other. And just a big emphasis on our ultimate goal- becoming like the Savior. I can't wait to be able to read over them again!! And President Monson's testimony was so kind and loving but firm. We HAVE to have a testimony of The Book of Mormon and have to be reading it each day to keep that testimony. I loved that reminder. 

 Well we rode bikes in central park today so I'm kinda out of time but I'll write more next week! Also everyone should go watch the new Easter initiative video on it's so so good!!

Love you
xoxo Sister Walecki

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It's a good week!

 This week was good, there's probably a lot to share but I'll keep it short this week. We still have awesome members who take good care of us which makes the work even better! We've gotten a few referrals the past few days so pray one of those works out! I am super excited for general conference this weekend! Think of a question to take to general conference, and I can promise you that you will find an answer. 

 In relief society this week the lesson was on President Nelsons talk- Joy and Spiritual Survival, you should read through it! I just wanted to share a part of it that I really like he said, "My dear brothers and sisters, the joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives.

When the focus of our lives is on God’s plan of salvation, and Jesus Christ and His gospel, we can feel joy regardless of what is happening—or not happening—in our lives. Joy comes from and because of Him. He is the source of all joy. We feel it at Christmastime when we sing, “Joy to the world, the Lord is come.” And we can feel it all year round. For Latter-day Saints, Jesus Christ is joy!"

I know this is true and that we really can feel of that joy the Savior brings into our lives, even in the hardest of circumstances.
This week will be real good. I love you!!

xoxo Sister Walecki

A cool mural in Little Italy
Chinatown stores are pretty fun
One of the fire stations
Central Park
Central Park wandering
They "fixed" our lock, until we buy a new deadbolt haha. It works and it's just what
you do in Harlem:)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Locked In

 I've got a good story this week, its really long and I'm not sure if it'll make much sense but at one point yesterday there were 6 NYPD officers outside our door. Hahah I'll start from the beginning though..

Our roommates have church at 9am so they went to leave and tried to unlock the door & the deadbolt lock would move back and forth but was still stuck locked. We didn't have the phone number for our super, so I climbed out the bedroom window on to the fire escape to see if we could get out that way and the ladder was so rusted it didn't budge. So I stopped a young kid walking his dog and asked if he would be willing to go around to the front of the building and bring back the Supers number. He eventually made his way back, gave us a number (which ended up being wrong) and we dropped down some chocolate and a Restoration pamphlet to thank him.  
 We had called a senior couple, the Larsen's and she had found our super's phone number so we called him and he said he could come but it would be about an hour. Church had already started by now. So he came, tried to unlock the door and no success. He gave us a number for the locksmith. We called the locksmith, he said he could come around 11 or 12 because it was "his day off and Sunday, so people are going to church." So we waited and waited. Finally around 6pm he finally came. He tried for about 30min and couldn't get it so he went to ask the neighbors if he could go through their apartment to the fire escape to climb in through our window but he didn't speak English very well so I don't think they understood what he was asking. He said there was nothing else he could do from outside the apartment and he left. 
 About 10 minutes later we get a knock at the door, answer it-through the door and they're like "NYPD police". Apparently someone had called the cops because of a suspicious person- we're assuming the locksmith. Anyway, we told them we couldn't open the door, explained the situation and they weren't too happy that the super and locksmith just left us locked in for the night. So they knocked on the neighbors door, of course he let them right in they came around to the fire escape and we talked to them through the window. He said the best thing to do would be to call the locksmith back and they could get him into and through an apartment to reach the fire escape. So we had police stand outside our door for over an hour while we waited for the locksmith to come back. Finally he came, and we got the door unlocked around 9:30pm. The police and locksmith left and we were left with a huge hole in the door. whole mission I always say there are no coincidences, and everything happens for a reason. But I have 0 idea why yesterday happened. But Heavenly Father is always looking out for us and we are safe :) So there you have it- the day 4 sister missionaries were locked INSIDE of their apartment. 
On Tuesday there was supposed to be a huge blizzard but it didn't turn out to be as bad as they thought so we went out, luckily we had lots of appointments to stay warm that day! On Wednesday afternoon we found these giant shovels at the church and then walked around our area looking for people who were trying to dig their parked cars out of the snow and we helped them. So if you need to know all the secrets of how to "properly dig a car out of the snow in the most efficient way as to not waste your efforts"- I now know all the secrets. We helped a lady and she told us the "science" of it all. Fascinating actually. I love how service softens people's hearts and helps them to see that we really are just normal people!  
 We read a talk this week- talks are my very favorite. Its called All Things Work Together for Good by James B. Martino. He talked about how we endure things in life and don't always understand why but at the end I loved what he said, "As we pass through the trials of life, let us keep an eternal perspective, let us not complain, let us become even more prayerful, let us serve others, and let us forgive one another. As we do this, “all things [will] work together for good to [us] that love God.” I think that remembering to have an eternal perspective can be SO hard sometimes. Especially in the midst of trials but as we remember that perspective and remember that our Heavenly Father is always there for us if we just reach out, we are able to find happiness and peace even in the hardest of times. I know that's true!

I hope you all have a lovely week.
xoxo Sister Walecki

We had Korean food last pday!
Some Snow
Look how cute this is. The Seminary put this up near the subway exit near the church.
When our members give us more chocolate.
Through the peephole of our door last night- 2 0f the who knows how many officers outside our door yesterday Hahaha

9/11 Memorial

I don't really even remember what all happened this week so it might be all over the place, but I feel
like that's how every week goes-sorry. 
Sister Lee has been teaching me a new word in Korean each day, so now I can say hello, thank you, I love you, and random things found within the subways. So perks of having a bilingual companion!! 
 Winter decided to return & everyone is talking about a blizzard coming this week but we'll see! It snowed once this past week but it didn't really stay for too long.

  Last P-day we went to the 9/11 museum and memorial and that place was incredible. As we walked over and watched the water at the memorial and read the names of the victims you could just feel the spirit so strongly there. It was a really amazing experience.

 We always have a lot of neat experiences but I never know which ones to write about either..
This week we were still street contacting and showing the Because of Him video. And we passed a woman and told her, her dog was cute so we stopped and ended up talking to her and she was Muslim & we showed her the video and she was bawling by the end of it. Showing that video never ceases to amaze me at the way it just invites the spirit and people can feel that- regardless of what religion they are and how busy the sidewalks are.

 Our sacrament meeting starts at 11 this year so we  always have a lot of visitors in our ward and this week we heard that there were about SEVENTY FIVE visitors yesterday. How crazy is that!! There was a lady there who wasn't a member and was just walking by and saw the plaque outside and came in for sacrament meeting. She was so sweet and from Russia so she didn't speak a whole lot of English but google translate to the rescue again!! I think it is so amazing that we get to talk to people from all over the world, from different countries all on the same day.

 At a meeting last week we were talking about...well I don't really remember what exactly but someone said, "You find what you're looking for." and I don't know why that stuck out to me so much but its true- when all you look for is the bad. That's all you find. So look for the good and you will find it!! Jeremiah 29:13- look for Christ & you'll feel of His love in your life, I can promise you that!!

love you all 
xoxo Sister Walecki


Thursday, March 9, 2017

2 in 1 this week

Last week Elder Gong of the 70 and his wife came to New York for a mission tour. So two Sundays ago we had a devotional with him and then the next Monday we had a zone conference. As a missionary, meetings are my very favorite because I always learn so much I love it!! 

 We had a lesson with Nancy this last week, and teaching someone who doesn't have a christian background/previous belief in Jesus Christ has been a lot different! But it has been really cool to just be able to teach super super simply and testify of the Savior. She is the sweetest and has tons of questions so its great! 

 The weather was really nice and then it got freezing cold and suuuuper windy, I'm grateful for the Kansas wind I grew up in because New York has got some windy days too!! But hopefully spring will be here soon! 

 Friday was my half birthday and I cried about that for a second because I can't believe its already been 6 months since my birthday! Then we had ice cream for dessert after dinner because half birthdays matter :) haha

 We are working on just finding people to teach lately and working with members and less actives. Our ward is AMAZING and the members are so nice and willing to do missionary work and that is the greatest blessing!!

 I was reading a conference talk this week, its called The Master Healer from October 2016 by Carole M. Stephens- you might remember it. But I loved this quote...
Hope and healing are not found in the dark abyss of secrecy but in the light and love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Elder Richard G. Scott counseled: “If you are free [from] serious sin yourself, don’t suffer needlessly the consequences of another’s sins. … You can feel compassion. … Yet you should not take upon yourself a feeling of responsibility. … When you have done what is reasonable to help one you love, lay the burden at the feet of the Savior. … As you so act, not only will you find peace but will demonstrate your faith in the power of the Savior to lift the burden of sin from a loved one through his repentance and obedience.”
He continued: “Complete healing will come through your faith in Jesus Christ and His power and capacity, through His Atonement, to heal the scars of that which is unjust and undeserved."
just something to think about this week.

Love you all
xoxo Sister Walecki

Chocolate straight from Hawaii because our members are the sweetest and some how know my favorite things.

Sister Benedicto ! We went on splits last week and she is the best! Splits are so fun because we get to know other Sisters so much better! I Love It! We have a whole lot in common and I'm grateful for her example and sweet spirit!!!

Zone meeting last Thursday

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A week of little miracles

This week was pretty great and in lots of surprising ways. It always seems like Heavenly Father usually has a different- but better plan and we were able to really recognize that this week from all the unexpected miracles that came each day. 

On Tuesday we had a sisters meeting in Scarsdale so all the sisters in the mission gathered together and we were able to listen to President & Sister Smith and Christian and Stephanie Nielson came and each spoke to us as well. So it was fun to get to see all the sisters in this mission and see Sister Muhlestein again! Although it had only been 1 week it felt like I hadn't seen her for years!!
 We had the coolest experiences meeting people this week and then randomly running into them again. I'll share a few from my journal! It really just reminded me that our Heavenly Father is so aware of his children. He knows what we are in need of and as we as missionaries listen to and follow the spirit we can be led to find these people. Its amazing! 

Tuesday night we met these 3 teenagers at the church, none were members but we were able to give them all a Book of Mormon and tell them about the church. The next morning Sister Lee & I were talking about how we should've gotten their info and were bummed that we didn't. But that afternoon we ran an errand for a member then we were walking to dinner and Sister Lee kept trying to turn to walk up the street and I wasn't really paying attention and kept saying no its this way. So we walk and walk then I was like shoot, sorry this is the wrong and super long way haha. So we turn the corner and are walking and I look up and see one of the girls we talked to the night before!! We were like 50 blocks away from where we originally met her at the church. How crazy is that?! We were able to tell her a bit more about what we do. Even if nothing else happens, just us randomly running into each other again will give her something to think about for sure. 

 On Saturday we were headed to Columbia to do our studies but I wasn't thinking and got us on the wrong train, we missed our stop and just got all confused (this happened a LOT this week haha) But we finally got on the right train, then off at the right stop and as we're walking to the exit in the subway guess who we see...NANCY and her daughter. We met them last week randomly at a project park and we've been trying to contact her but haven't had much success. So we stopped and talked to her and set an appointment for next week! Heavenly Father. Miracles, I'm tellin' ya. So then  we were on our way to Columbia, for real this time but the weather was BEAUTIFUL that day. So as we were walking we passed a park and decided to do some park contacting. We showed the Because of Him video to a number of people and they were all really nice. Then we walked up all these stairs and I saw this guy and thought maybe we should show him & Sister Lee said, let's go to him! So we go over and ask if we can show him a video about Jesus Christ and he told us he loves him! And I was like oh great! Us too! You've gotta see this video. So we showed it and were able to testify of Christ and tell about The Book of Mormon. We didn't have a Book of Mormon with us so we told him we would get one and bring it to him another time. and yesterday Sister Lee lost her metro card so we took a long time trying to find it after trying to leave earlier. But we ended up just getting a new card then we get to the subway station and guess who we see?! DANIEL the guy we met at the park the day before. What are the chances?! So we were able to give him a Book of Mormon and hopefully he will get back to us!
 We also ran into a dad and daughter three different times various places around the city and were finally able to talk to them the 3rd time we saw them. SO even though our plans fell through all the time, I loved being able to have these simple reminders that we aren't in control. and even though there are millions of people here in the city, we somehow run into the same people and are able to share something with them. It's amazing. 

Also, I have no idea if any of those stories make any sense at all-it was just all from my journal (which is on my tablet right now because I got behind, so I just copied and pasted) But hopefully it kinda makes sense.

 love you all
xoxo Sister Walecki

Oh yeah, my tablet decided to delete all the pictures I've taken for the last 4 months so here are some pictures Sister Lee had. 

Last Pday
On the train up to the sisters meeting!
At the sisters meeting
How we felt about our 5am wake up call to make it to Scarsdale
on time for the new missionary meeting.
We were looking for quotes this week to send to some of our investigators & I found
this one and really liked it. I have been trying to apply that better this past week!


My new companion is Sister Lee, she is from South Korea and I love her. It's been cool to be able to show her around the city..turns out I know it better than I thought I did so that's great! and for her to bring her ideas and new ways that we can do the work. I love it! 

 About 5 days ago the weather was wonderful, it was in the 60s, warm and everyone was outside and happy to talk to us. We gave out multiple Book of Mormons and got contact info for lots of people- it was a dreamy day. Then the snow came and that wasn't the case anymore but spring will be here soon I hope!

 Last night there was a fireside at the church and Christian and Stephanie Nielson came and spoke and they are amazing. Their story is incredible, her strength, hope and faith is so inspiring. She shared her story and he talked about building up your spiritual reserve and he said how their source of strength was in the Savior Jesus Christ. And I loved that because as we rely on him, we don't have to carry our burdens alone. He has already suffered for them so let him carry them with you and as you do that- the load that you carry will become easier. It made me think of Matthew 11:28-30. As we allow the Savior to help us, our burdens aren't taken away- we still have them but we receive strength with Him. 

 With Sister Lee, we talk to all the Asians now and I loooove it!! They're mostly from China and the only thing I remember how to say is nihao, wǒ ài nǐ (hello, I love you!) Hahah so that is usually a good way to start the conversation. They usually just laugh at me because I probably don't say it right at all but it's fun to try anyway! This past week we did some street contacting and we stopped people on the sidewalk to show them the Because of Him video. It's amazing that you can still feel the spirit as you watch that video with a stranger on the sidewalks of New York City. I love being able to teach people and share the happiness this gospel brings with the people here. I hope you all have a fabulous week.

 Love you!!
xoxo Sister Walecki

This is Sister Lee & our cupcakes from Ali...he still brings us something every time we meet.

Snow outside our apartment.

I just think the temple looked real good that day:)