Thursday, November 10, 2016

Alive & Thriving at the MTC

YOU GUYS. The MTC is ahhhmazing. I love it here. I'm not really sure how to go about writing this because it's basically impossible to put into words the things I've learned and the ways I've been able to grow in just the past 8 days here at the MTC but its been INCREDIBLE. My testimony has grown x1000 in just one week and the spirit here is the best. I love being a missionary, & in all the ways I never thought or knew I would. I'm basically always exhausted and my mind is usually fuzzy, especially in the mornings...someone shared 1 Nephi 1:7 and that's basically how I feel every time we get to go back to our rooms for bed every night. But overall the days fly by and I can't believe I've already been here over a week!! If time continues going this fast, I'll be home in no time! 
My companion is Sister West, she is seriously THE cutest. I love her. We just clicked the first day and its just been the greatest. Heavenly Father is breaking me in easy on the whole 24/7 companion thing because I don't mind it one bit! BUT she is serving in Virginia so that's basically the worst news ever. She's so sweet and always is positive, its just what I need, especially on the long exhausting days. She also likes to workout every day so exercise is basically me dying trying to keep up with her and then being sore for days but gotta work off all those chocolate chip cookies the cafeteria serves, ya know?
My days consist of hours and hours in a classroom, studying, learning how to teach, and then actually teaching! Luckily our teachers are the best and make it fun and enjoyable to be there! We have one teacher, Sister Mitchell that seriously brings me to tears every.single.time she has an inspired comment to share, she always knows exactly what it is I need to hear. So you can tell Colby my tally marks for the number of times I've cried is more than 0...haha and I'm not even in New York yet. how embarrassing.
Tuesday night we had a devotional. There was a rumor it was going to be an apostle, but no one actually knew for sure. When the devotional was about to start, in walks President Russell M. Nelson. Everyone stood as he entered and the spirit just filled the room. Listening to he and his wife speak to us was amazing. And getting to sing Praise to the Man in a choir of 1,000+ missionaries with an apostle there was possibly my favorite thing ever..even if singing is quite possibly the last thing I should be doing, ever hahah.

Everyone always says, "There is no growing in a comfort zone and there is no comfort in a growing zone." and the MTC is definitely a growing zone for me but its so so good.
I miss and love you all a whole lot!!
and since I know you just came for the pictures, I can provide...
Sister Walecki

The sisters in my District. Sister Goulding, Sister Bitner, and Sister West

Packing that Kneaders pumpkin bread was the best idea ever. Saved us during the long hours of studying and cafeteria food.
Part of our District
They put up Christmas lights on some of the trees and I LOVED it, but we asked some Elders to take our picture for us,
and when you ask the Elders to do something like take you picture...sometime this is what you get haha
Brown paper bag lunches, its the little things that get you excited here.

All three of the sisters in my District are going to Virginia :(

Our District Temple walk on Sunday!

I LOVE and feel so lucky putting this on every morning!!

Halloween felt like every other day, until evening time
there was a knock at the door & this just delivering some candy.

We Love Jesus

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