Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A week of little miracles

This week was pretty great and in lots of surprising ways. It always seems like Heavenly Father usually has a different- but better plan and we were able to really recognize that this week from all the unexpected miracles that came each day. 

On Tuesday we had a sisters meeting in Scarsdale so all the sisters in the mission gathered together and we were able to listen to President & Sister Smith and Christian and Stephanie Nielson came and each spoke to us as well. So it was fun to get to see all the sisters in this mission and see Sister Muhlestein again! Although it had only been 1 week it felt like I hadn't seen her for years!!
 We had the coolest experiences meeting people this week and then randomly running into them again. I'll share a few from my journal! It really just reminded me that our Heavenly Father is so aware of his children. He knows what we are in need of and as we as missionaries listen to and follow the spirit we can be led to find these people. Its amazing! 

Tuesday night we met these 3 teenagers at the church, none were members but we were able to give them all a Book of Mormon and tell them about the church. The next morning Sister Lee & I were talking about how we should've gotten their info and were bummed that we didn't. But that afternoon we ran an errand for a member then we were walking to dinner and Sister Lee kept trying to turn to walk up the street and I wasn't really paying attention and kept saying no its this way. So we walk and walk then I was like shoot, sorry this is the wrong and super long way haha. So we turn the corner and are walking and I look up and see one of the girls we talked to the night before!! We were like 50 blocks away from where we originally met her at the church. How crazy is that?! We were able to tell her a bit more about what we do. Even if nothing else happens, just us randomly running into each other again will give her something to think about for sure. 

 On Saturday we were headed to Columbia to do our studies but I wasn't thinking and got us on the wrong train, we missed our stop and just got all confused (this happened a LOT this week haha) But we finally got on the right train, then off at the right stop and as we're walking to the exit in the subway guess who we see...NANCY and her daughter. We met them last week randomly at a project park and we've been trying to contact her but haven't had much success. So we stopped and talked to her and set an appointment for next week! Heavenly Father. Miracles, I'm tellin' ya. So then  we were on our way to Columbia, for real this time but the weather was BEAUTIFUL that day. So as we were walking we passed a park and decided to do some park contacting. We showed the Because of Him video to a number of people and they were all really nice. Then we walked up all these stairs and I saw this guy and thought maybe we should show him & Sister Lee said, let's go to him! So we go over and ask if we can show him a video about Jesus Christ and he told us he loves him! And I was like oh great! Us too! You've gotta see this video. So we showed it and were able to testify of Christ and tell about The Book of Mormon. We didn't have a Book of Mormon with us so we told him we would get one and bring it to him another time. and yesterday Sister Lee lost her metro card so we took a long time trying to find it after trying to leave earlier. But we ended up just getting a new card then we get to the subway station and guess who we see?! DANIEL the guy we met at the park the day before. What are the chances?! So we were able to give him a Book of Mormon and hopefully he will get back to us!
 We also ran into a dad and daughter three different times various places around the city and were finally able to talk to them the 3rd time we saw them. SO even though our plans fell through all the time, I loved being able to have these simple reminders that we aren't in control. and even though there are millions of people here in the city, we somehow run into the same people and are able to share something with them. It's amazing. 

Also, I have no idea if any of those stories make any sense at all-it was just all from my journal (which is on my tablet right now because I got behind, so I just copied and pasted) But hopefully it kinda makes sense.

 love you all
xoxo Sister Walecki

Oh yeah, my tablet decided to delete all the pictures I've taken for the last 4 months so here are some pictures Sister Lee had. 

Last Pday
On the train up to the sisters meeting!
At the sisters meeting
How we felt about our 5am wake up call to make it to Scarsdale
on time for the new missionary meeting.
We were looking for quotes this week to send to some of our investigators & I found
this one and really liked it. I have been trying to apply that better this past week!


My new companion is Sister Lee, she is from South Korea and I love her. It's been cool to be able to show her around the city..turns out I know it better than I thought I did so that's great! and for her to bring her ideas and new ways that we can do the work. I love it! 

 About 5 days ago the weather was wonderful, it was in the 60s, warm and everyone was outside and happy to talk to us. We gave out multiple Book of Mormons and got contact info for lots of people- it was a dreamy day. Then the snow came and that wasn't the case anymore but spring will be here soon I hope!

 Last night there was a fireside at the church and Christian and Stephanie Nielson came and spoke and they are amazing. Their story is incredible, her strength, hope and faith is so inspiring. She shared her story and he talked about building up your spiritual reserve and he said how their source of strength was in the Savior Jesus Christ. And I loved that because as we rely on him, we don't have to carry our burdens alone. He has already suffered for them so let him carry them with you and as you do that- the load that you carry will become easier. It made me think of Matthew 11:28-30. As we allow the Savior to help us, our burdens aren't taken away- we still have them but we receive strength with Him. 

 With Sister Lee, we talk to all the Asians now and I loooove it!! They're mostly from China and the only thing I remember how to say is nihao, wǒ ài nǐ (hello, I love you!) Hahah so that is usually a good way to start the conversation. They usually just laugh at me because I probably don't say it right at all but it's fun to try anyway! This past week we did some street contacting and we stopped people on the sidewalk to show them the Because of Him video. It's amazing that you can still feel the spirit as you watch that video with a stranger on the sidewalks of New York City. I love being able to teach people and share the happiness this gospel brings with the people here. I hope you all have a fabulous week.

 Love you!!
xoxo Sister Walecki

This is Sister Lee & our cupcakes from Ali...he still brings us something every time we meet.

Snow outside our apartment.

I just think the temple looked real good that day:)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Changes are coming!

On Wednesday afternoon Sister Muhlestein and I were doing 12 week at the church and the phone started ringing & it was President Smith and she just looked at me and smiled as she answered and long story short, he said "Sister Walecki, Heavenly Father is calling you to be a trainer!" Sooo I finished my training this last week and Sister Muhlestein is being transferred to Connecticut and I'll get a brand new sister this Tuesday :) so that's pretty exciting!! I can't believe I've already been out here for 3 months though, time really goes by so fast!

 Cool experience on Friday we knocked on a random door and the lady ended up letting us in. Come to find out, she used to meet with missionaries 23 YEARS ago when her kids were all really little and she hasn't met with them since. So we have started visiting with her again and we'll see! 
 Also at zone meeting, the Elders shared how they do 10 push-ups for every person they talk to and don't ask for a referral from & we always forget to ask for those so Sister Muhlestein and I decided to take the challenge and... we've been doing a lot of push-ups  (we only do 2 instead of 10 haha) BUT we remember referrals a lot more now!!

 We've been sharing 1 Nephi 8:12 with different families and I love that verse. I love how different each discussion goes from the same verse...each person has a different idea of how it can apply to their life. I think it's true, as we find things in our life that make us happy and bring joy we naturally want our loved ones and others around us to have it too! Like the gospel- I LOVE getting to share with people each day that they have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior who knows them individually and knows exactly what they're going through. I'm so so grateful for the understanding that this gospel brings & I know it's true!

Love you all
xoxo Sister Walecki 

This is Ismael! And his French Book of Mormon hahah

A Facebook message from him and even though it doesn't make a whole lot of since it was
 so nice of him to say thanks. It's amazing to see how the gospel changes people's lives!

The reason my face is as round as a basketball these days.

Eating a slice of pizza the size of Asia is no easy task.

If you ever come to New York City, go to Magnolias and get the banana pudding...I promise you won't be disappointed.

Just a cute pink building we passed last pday.

Something new every day

I feel like every day is a new experience of something weird or unusual but I can never fully explain it via email, sorry. But this week was full of odd things...some day I can explain them all better because emails just don't do them justice and I don't have time today..maybe next week.

 We passed our investigator, Ismael to the Elders because he will be in a different ward but we saw him on Sunday at church! He is so so awesome! He went to a baptism this weekend with the Elders and while we were talking to him on Sunday  (his English is getting better so that's great news!) we asked about the baptism and he said oh yes yes! Then he said something in french and the member who translated said, "he wants to know how he can be baptized." Hahah greatest question ever, basically. He said he wants to be baptized right there at the church so hopefully soon! It's amazing how much the gospel changes lives and blesses them. He has been an amazing example to me of faith and trust in the Lord. And even though he doesn't speak much English, he still makes sure he is at church every Sunday and he wants to be baptized too.
 We had a worldwide missionary broadcast this week and they changed up the schedule so that's been pretty good. But the broadcast was about "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts" and one thing that stood out to me was when they talked about ALWAYS being prepared to testify of the Savior. We get to wear his name on our chest every day, so when we don't know what to say or when people ask super complicated questions-like all the time. We can just testify of the Savior. After the broadcast President Smith talked to us and said how this isn't about us- find the Saviors "I" won't. Along those same lines, at church on Sunday everyone spoke about service, etc. And it reminds me of Matthew 25:40. But I'm running out of time today and am not going to read over this so hopefully it kinda makes you!!

Sister Walecki

Signs above the kitchen sink at the other sister's apartment. Praying the one on the right is true:)

Pretending dogs are my very favorite, even though everyone knows that's kinda a lie.....

Went to the Chelsea market for pday today (Jan. 31)