Thursday, November 10, 2016

Final week at the MTC

I can't believe another week has flown by and it's already pday again!

On Sunday Sister West and I were assigned to be the Sister Training Leaders for our zone. It has been the GREATEST EVER. We just get to take care of all the sisters in our zone and love them and help them to be happy and enjoy the MTC. It is the best!!

On Sunday night the devotional speaker was Jenny Oaks Baker, she shared stories and in between she and her family would perform songs. It was incredible. The Tuesday evening devotional was the primary general president, Sister Jones. She and her husband spoke about missionary work, obviously ha. And he said we only have 18 months to serve the Lord 24/7 so make the most of it. Such a good reminder! The MTC is way fun because with all the speakers that come, it feels like we get General Conference every week! 

On Wednesday we got to be hosts for the new missionaries coming in. I loved being able to be the person there at the curb to welcome to the MTC and take them from their families. It was super fun and brought back lots of memories from 2 weeks ago. Going on a mission was hands down the best decision I've made. I can't wait to get to New York and actually teach real people now!!

After a really long day a few days ago, Sister West and I were walking back to our room for bed but decided to just stop by a patch of grass and lay down for a minute. Haha it was chilly outside but we just laid on the grass in silence and looked at the stars. I love when we just slow down for a minute and think. And the simple reminders of how blessed we are with everything that we have. Through Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, we have the strength to do hard things and get through the hard times in life. I'm SO grateful for that knowledge!! So just remember this week to slow down a bit and remember how blessed we are! Along with that in class we read Matthew 26, you should read it. After reading that, our teacher shared that Christ suffered for us so we don't have to have a bad day. What a HUGE blessing that is! I love being a missionary and I love you all!!
Sister Walecki
Our whole zone on Sunday

We were pretty pumped about our new assignment
as Sister Training Leaders.

Our investigator, Jen. she committed to baptism but we think she was already a member..?
haha but she had lunch with us and we just love her a lot!!

Just a little district selfie

We packed matching coats, so that's pretty fun

New Missionary Host... So fun!!

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