Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A quick week

This week just flew right on by and I don't even know where the time is going!
At district meeting this last Tuesday we talked a lot about revelation through prayer. It's been on my mind a lot this week. I've been focusing on making my prayers more meaningful and actually thinking about them and remembering what prayer is, rather than just doing it quickly out of habit or routine. It really has made a difference. I keep a journal by my bed so at night after my nightly prayers, I just write down whatever comes to mind and it's been so cool to see the blessings come as I've acted on those promptings I wrote down each night. I love Moroni 7:48, prayer does require effort but if we do our part Heavenly Father is always willing to do His too. 

 We had a split this week and Sister Busby came to our area with me and we had a little bit of time before it was time to head home that night so I felt like going by a referral, Tammie who we've hadn't been able to get in contact with. We've gone by SO many times but we never felt right about dropping her and that night we said a prayer and just before we knocked I told her, "I have a feeling she's going to be home." and Sister Busby is like, "split miracles! They're my favorite." And guess who opens the door, Tammie! And she was SO sweet. We showed her the initiative and invited her to be baptized and she said she would bring her daughter to church this week! 
 We were able to go to the UN on Thursday because the new general relief society President, Sister Bingham was going to be on a panel for a Focus on faith briefing. I didn't really know what it was all about but it was very interesting and they talked about refugees. And super cool that were able to go! 

 The weather has been so so nice so we have been eating lunch at Central Park and it's the best! We were able to do service for a few families from the ward this week and I love it!
 On Sunday we were doing an APF in central park. We stopped people and asked them what makes them happy and had them write it with sidewalk chalk. Getting to talk to people from everywhere is so awesome. One lady stopped and come to find out she is a refugee so that was cool because we had just been to a thing all about refugees!

I feel like this email is making zero sense so sorry but here's some pictures so ignore all of my confusing writing.

Thanks for all your sweet emails, love you!!

xoxo Sister Walecki

Last pday we went to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was PACKED but the skyline is pretty!
Brooklyn Bridge
Last pday we were wandering and found this cute cupcake/ice cream shop!
They had a cupcake ATM too, so that was pretty cool.
On our split we took a member's garbage out but couldn't find a place to throw it for a sec...
until the fruit stand man told us where it went. Hahaha
They have these cute Italian Ice stands on the streets now that it's nice out so that was a fun treat.
At the UN
Outside the UN
There are pretty flowers ALL over the city and I loooove them.  They are
constantly distracting me.


Last week we were just walking downtown and found the hope sign.

We went to the public library on 5th Ave. again last pday.

Inside the library

Right when you walk out the doors of the library.

Just an awesome quote from Elder Bednar

We walked on to an elevator and found the fanciest one yet.  It even highlighted the floor
your going to! We're used to the projects so this was a fun surprise.

I went on a split to the East side with Sister Rubacalva. It was so fun! Plus she has an
Australian accent so everyone loves talking to us. hahaha

Zone meeting....our zone is HUGE now

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happy Easter!

 Since conference I have been reading and memorizing The Living Christ I remember attempting to do this when I was in young women's but it didn't really happen. But as I have been trying again, it has been so cool to see how much of an impact it has made on my days. Studying it each morning and then always having the Savior on my mind throughout the day has helped me be able to refocus on things that are actually important. I love the promise from Elder Ballard's last talk, "Prayerfully reading “The Living Christ” is like reading the testimonies of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the prophets of the Book of Mormon. It will increase your faith in the Savior and help you stay focused on Him as you follow your plans to reach your eternal goals." I have loved finding out how true that is!

 This week we have been working a lot with our members. Our investigators aren't really progressing and Erika had to work a lot this week so its been hard to be able to meet with her. But we have been trying to get to know all the of the members better. We have a goal to have a face with every name on the ward list. And it is amazing! The members are all so good to us and so happy to help with and do missionary work!

 We have showed the new Prince of Peace initiative with a lot of the families and it has been so awesome to see how that video impacts each person so differently. And even though we have see the video so many times, each time we watch it I always get something new from it. (you can watch it on I love the peace the Savior provides in our lives. And the knowledge we have of our purpose here on earth. It helps get through hard days and remember where we are headed! I'm grateful for Easter and the time it gives us to remember on our Saviors atonement and everything he has done for us.

 I hope you all have a great Easter & I love you!

xoxo Sister Walecki

Central Park last pday
Rice, seaweed, and bacon for dinner.  hahah it was like bacon sushi!
I got a bite on my arm, zero idea what it's from though :(
Sister Lee & I
The ceiling kinda fell in the church.
Biking in Central Park last pday
Some of the sisters from zone conference

General Conferene

General conference this weekend was AMAZING and I think even better as a
missionary! I loved Saturday afternoon I felt like they talked a lot about how we can't be of the world. We have to stand out, neutrality isn't an option anymore. You're either on one side or the other. And just a big emphasis on our ultimate goal- becoming like the Savior. I can't wait to be able to read over them again!! And President Monson's testimony was so kind and loving but firm. We HAVE to have a testimony of The Book of Mormon and have to be reading it each day to keep that testimony. I loved that reminder. 

 Well we rode bikes in central park today so I'm kinda out of time but I'll write more next week! Also everyone should go watch the new Easter initiative video on it's so so good!!

Love you
xoxo Sister Walecki