Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happy Easter!

 Since conference I have been reading and memorizing The Living Christ I remember attempting to do this when I was in young women's but it didn't really happen. But as I have been trying again, it has been so cool to see how much of an impact it has made on my days. Studying it each morning and then always having the Savior on my mind throughout the day has helped me be able to refocus on things that are actually important. I love the promise from Elder Ballard's last talk, "Prayerfully reading “The Living Christ” is like reading the testimonies of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the prophets of the Book of Mormon. It will increase your faith in the Savior and help you stay focused on Him as you follow your plans to reach your eternal goals." I have loved finding out how true that is!

 This week we have been working a lot with our members. Our investigators aren't really progressing and Erika had to work a lot this week so its been hard to be able to meet with her. But we have been trying to get to know all the of the members better. We have a goal to have a face with every name on the ward list. And it is amazing! The members are all so good to us and so happy to help with and do missionary work!

 We have showed the new Prince of Peace initiative with a lot of the families and it has been so awesome to see how that video impacts each person so differently. And even though we have see the video so many times, each time we watch it I always get something new from it. (you can watch it on I love the peace the Savior provides in our lives. And the knowledge we have of our purpose here on earth. It helps get through hard days and remember where we are headed! I'm grateful for Easter and the time it gives us to remember on our Saviors atonement and everything he has done for us.

 I hope you all have a great Easter & I love you!

xoxo Sister Walecki

Central Park last pday
Rice, seaweed, and bacon for dinner.  hahah it was like bacon sushi!
I got a bite on my arm, zero idea what it's from though :(
Sister Lee & I
The ceiling kinda fell in the church.
Biking in Central Park last pday
Some of the sisters from zone conference

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