Friday, February 10, 2017

Something new every day

I feel like every day is a new experience of something weird or unusual but I can never fully explain it via email, sorry. But this week was full of odd things...some day I can explain them all better because emails just don't do them justice and I don't have time today..maybe next week.

 We passed our investigator, Ismael to the Elders because he will be in a different ward but we saw him on Sunday at church! He is so so awesome! He went to a baptism this weekend with the Elders and while we were talking to him on Sunday  (his English is getting better so that's great news!) we asked about the baptism and he said oh yes yes! Then he said something in french and the member who translated said, "he wants to know how he can be baptized." Hahah greatest question ever, basically. He said he wants to be baptized right there at the church so hopefully soon! It's amazing how much the gospel changes lives and blesses them. He has been an amazing example to me of faith and trust in the Lord. And even though he doesn't speak much English, he still makes sure he is at church every Sunday and he wants to be baptized too.
 We had a worldwide missionary broadcast this week and they changed up the schedule so that's been pretty good. But the broadcast was about "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts" and one thing that stood out to me was when they talked about ALWAYS being prepared to testify of the Savior. We get to wear his name on our chest every day, so when we don't know what to say or when people ask super complicated questions-like all the time. We can just testify of the Savior. After the broadcast President Smith talked to us and said how this isn't about us- find the Saviors "I" won't. Along those same lines, at church on Sunday everyone spoke about service, etc. And it reminds me of Matthew 25:40. But I'm running out of time today and am not going to read over this so hopefully it kinda makes you!!

Sister Walecki

Signs above the kitchen sink at the other sister's apartment. Praying the one on the right is true:)

Pretending dogs are my very favorite, even though everyone knows that's kinda a lie.....

Went to the Chelsea market for pday today (Jan. 31)

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