Sunday, November 27, 2016

One Week Down

I can't decide if it feels like this week has gone by quickly or if this week felt like approximately five years BUT either way, it's going well and I am adjusting and learning how to be a missionary here in the city.

New York is sooo busy and we are always on the go. I go to bed exhausted but everyone says that's a good thing, so okay. ha! I have met the nicest and most interesting people.
It was snowing here a little bit on Monday so its nice and cold and windy here now, so that makes for a good time walking all over but its fun.

One of our investigators committed to be baptized on December 17 so that's exciting BUT he was MSA aged so we passed him off to the Elders, bummer. But hopefully he follows through!!
  This transfer, we are focusing on Christ's love. By learning to love others just as Christ would. So look up some scriptures and study about the love Jesus Christ showed to and had for the people and still for us today! It'll make you happy :) 2 Nephi 26:30 is a good one.

On Sunday the ward did a Come and See Sunday, so it was just Sacrament meeting and everyone was encouraged to bring friends or people to come see what our church is like then there was food and mingling after. 3 of our investigators came so they got to meet members of the ward! I also got to meet a lot of the members and they are all so nice and willing to help with missionary work, its seriously the greatest!!

Sorry, I feel like whenever I go to write these I just go brain dead and can't remember anything but I am liking it and learning lots :)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I love and miss you all!
Sister Walecki

We cleaned an apartment and this was the view from there.

I saw these at Trader Joes and thought of my cousin Callie so I
had to take a picture.

As a district, we stood on the sidewalk outside of the church. Handed
out papers for people to write what they are grateful for and post
them on some boards.
They call these Bronx Carts and we take it on pdays when we go
grocery shopping so we don't have to carry all the bags.
Super glamorous!!

Just another picture of the city from an apartment.

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