Friday, January 20, 2017

It's freezing cold here with some SNOW!!

(January 9, 2017)

This week it finally snowed a lot! It's so weird how magical snow makes everything feel. It felt more like Christmas this weekend than Christmas day did!

 I started reading the Book of Mormon over again with the start of the new year and I love how no matter how many times I read, I am able to learn new things each time. Whether it's questions that come up that I've never thought of before, things that apply differently to my life it changes each time, I loooove it! 

One of the best parts of being a missionary is all of the amazing people we get to meet and love! I love getting to know all kinds of different people and being able to share the gospel with them and just being a part of their life! 

Someone threw a cigarette at my head this week, so that was fun too. I don't think she meant to, she was mad it wouldn't light so she broke it and just chucked it but it whacked me real good in the head hahaha. New York is always a good time.

I love you all & hope you have a lovely week!!

Zone Meeting

Walking to the church the day after it snowed.

Don't ask what I had to do for these pictures......buuut it was worth it:)

No idea, just a whole lotta birds.

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